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If you can't see a package that caters for you please call us and we will be happy to discuss your needs and help you with your wishes 07525 159493 or email:
Please note the welfare of our doves is crucial and we would never release the birds in adverse weather conditions.


Funeral Package 1 - A Single Pure White Dove Release

A single white dove is released in respectful memory of a loved one. During this quiet moment of reflection, the single dove being relased and dsoaring into the sky symbolises the lifting of the soul and the beginning of their journey into the heavens above. The realase of a dove from a hand held decorative basket/cage or by hand. You also have the choice as to who releases the doves: this can be done either by one of our handlers, a family member or a loved one. Our handlers will be ready to assist with holding and releasing the doves.

Funeral Package 2 - A Pair Of White Doves

This is the same as Package 1 (above), except that 2 doves are released. The pairing of 2 doves is symbolic of the joining of 2 souls, and is a beautiful way to signify the departure of a second loved one (such as joining an already departed soul).

Funeral Package 3 - Holy Trinity

3 white doves are released from a 'basket' in recognition of The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost. Some families may wish to release a single dove followed by the Holy Trinity.

Funeral Package 4 - One Spirit Dove followed by Flock of 12 Doves

One spirited dove is released by a family member from a basket/cage. This dove is then followed by 12 other pure white doves. When in flight this represents angels guiding the spirit dove to heaven.

Wedding Package 1

Two white doves to be released either by hand or from a decorative cage or basket, we will work with your photographer to get those important photographs.

Wedding Package 2

Two white doves on display at either side of the entrance to your venue to greet your guests as they arriver. The doves are then ready for the bride and groom to release at the end of the ceremony from cages or by hand as in wedding package 1.

Wedding Package 3

Two white doves released by the bride and groom either by hand or from cage, followed by an additional flock of doves released from a decorative basket symbolising the joining of two families coming together showing support and happiness.


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